@LArge is proud to be partnering with Matthew Rolston, to form the beauty/fashion/luxury/hospitality brand division called ROLS+ON@LArge, consisting of not only established directors, but also a Collective of young, talented directors that are hand-selected through the filter of Matthew’s discernment and expertise in this space. Depending on the needs of the project, Matthew will provide creative oversight as much or as little as requested under the ROLS+ON@LArge banner. After an initial call with Matthew and the agency/client, he will choose which director from the Collective to shoot the project under his guidance, giving even lower budgeted content projects the expertise of a master, combined with the fresh eyes of an up-and-coming director.

Bold. Original. Innovative. Youthful. Captivating. ROLS+ON@LArge curates emerging and established directorial talent to bring original ideas and exceptional visuals to define stories for brands, artfully, authentically, and with meaning. It’s a breath of fresh air in a world of sometimes-stale solutions. ROLS+ON@LArge combines strategic producing, new thinking and unrivaled creative direction. Its unique combination of legendary glitter, rebellious pleasure, and street heartbeat really makes things click.

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