About Us

Innovation is the only way forward.

@LArge offers the security of knowing you're in experienced hands with the excitement of being on the cutting edge. We've adopted a flexible business model in answer to the growing need for cost maximization, using A-level talent. Each of the three @LArge partners comes to the table with 20 years' previous experience in her unique field, and together in 2014 formed @LArge Productions. We offer a broad scope of talent ranging from marquis directors to up-and-coming talent who bring individualized strengths to each opportunity.

Beth Aranda: Executive Producer/Partner



Beth is known as a devil in the details, whip-smart producer of branded content, advertising, and short films. Over the years, she has cultivated relationships with directors and clients who trust her to produce projects of any scale. The work has taken her around the world, and instilled a deep passion for bringing stories to life. She has been at the producing helm of hundreds of projects and knows how to make the most of any budget so the ideas stand out. After launching and running a successful production service company, Beth aligned with two like-minded, powerful women to create @LArge Productions + Post, a force in the ever-changing entertainment landscape. Beth relaxes by doing things that others find stressful, and is known for hosting dance parties for her musically inclined family.

Tracy Mays: Managing Director/Partner



Tracy is a strategic thinker and cultivator of community. She’s a mixologist — artfully combining things to make magic. Tracy’s experience encompasses that of executive producer and producer working for some of the biggest companies in the business, including MJZ, Smuggler, and Anonymous. During her tenure as Executive Producer of the Sweet Shop she also served as an elected member of the AICP West Board. Throughout her career Tracy has shown a talent for business development, which ultimately led to the formation of @LArge and the partnership with Beth and Ashley to make this master plan a reality. Tracy's on the board of AICP West.

Ashley Hydrick: Head of Sales/EP of Post/Partner



Ashley has earned a reputation for infusing collaborations with a spirit of fun and a deep sense of trust. She loves the people and problem solving involved in bringing ideas to audiences. As Executive Producer of Arsenal FX and Producer at Jigsaw, Chrome, and Beast, Ashley developed a deep understanding of all things post and has a vast network of creative collaborators at her fingertips. In addition to these key roles, she was a member of the board of the AICE. All of these experiences inform her partner role in @LArge where she heads all things post. Make no mistake, behind her infectious optimism is the grit and determination to make it all happen, shiny with perfection. Ashley’s hidden talents include sound editing, audio engineering, and drumming. So if she’s marching to the beat of a different drummer, it is truly percussion of her own making -- precise and bold.